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  • About Us

    We are a tech company driven by our passion to build our own products - products that are useful, compelling and innovative. We also work with companies to address their needs around tech strategy, product and software development, and deliver optimal consulting solutions. We also enjoy open source software development, and that keeps us on the top of our game.

    Anurag Kapur

    Founder, Chief Technology Officer

    A Software Engineer and Architect, Anurag handles all things tech for us.


    In previous avatars, Anurag has worked as a Consultant for Sapient, Principal Engineer for News UK and Technical Architect for Financial Times.


    With a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Engineering from IP University, he is now in his final year of completing a Masters degree in Software Engineering from University of Oxford.

    Bhawna Gulati

    UX Designer

    Bhawna works with Beancrunch as UX Designer.


    Prior to taking on this role with us, she worked as an HR professional at Franklin Templeton Investments, with extensive experience across countries including India, Singapore, Japan, and UK.


    She studied UX Design at General Assembly, London and holds a Bachelors degree in Economics from Miranda House, University of Delhi and an MBA from Management Development Institute

  • Technology Consultancy

    Our Clients


    Let the internet do your faxing


    The world’s leading online luxury fashion retailer.

  • Product Development

    Referral Drive

    Disrupting the traditional recruitment model

    Coming soon, watch this space!

    Erg Together

    Gamifying land training for rowers

    Coming soon, watch this space!

  • Open Source Software


    Acceptance Tests as Monitors

    • A simple library that allows you to run junit tests as monitoring checks
    • Runs tests on a schedule and exposes results via a restful api that can be called from your monitoring setup (e.g. nagios, zabbix, icinga, pingdom, dashing etc)